Other Account Fees

The following fees apply to all of your accounts with us except the Christmas Club:

The following fees apply to all of our deposit checking accounts:

Statement Print-Out/  
Check Copy $1.00 per page
Copy of Microfilm Record $1.00 per page
Lengthy Microfilm Record $25.00 an hour or
$1.00 per page
Copier Fees  $1.00 per page


Stop Payment $35.00 per item
Overdraft $35.00 per item*
Non-Sufficient Funds $35.00 per item

*Created by Check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.

Miscellaneous Fees:

Safe Deposit Box Fees:

Official Bank Checks $5.00 per check
Wire transfer Fee
(within the US)
Wire Transfer Fee (International) $50.00
Fax Fees $1.00 for 1st page. $0.25 per page therafter

Foreign ATM interchange

fee per transaction

 Indemnity Bond Fee   $10.00
 IRA Maintenance Fee  $50.00
 Replacment ATM/debit Card Fee  $10.00

Medallion Signature Guarantee

Available to our customers at no charge

Dormant Account Fee:
$5 per month & up to $60 total

* Your account will be deemed a Dormant Account if there is no activity within a 12 month period.  After that initial 12 month period the dormant account will be subject to a $5 a month service charge until either the account becomes active again or the fee reaches $60 (12 months) at which point the account will be turned over to the State of Georgia as Unclaimed Property.

Small: $28.00 annually
Medium: $45.00 annually
Large: $65.00 annually
Drilling Fee for Lost
*Fee set by Locksmith*



We also offer MasterCard, MasterMoney Debit Card (the “Critter Card”), ATM card and Merchant Services for Visa and MasterCard.

We use check imaging for your convenience which means simpler balancing, quick reference and reduced storage space.  We will provide you with a three-ring binder for your statements when you open your account.